Application of newly developed armour using modern composite technology and individual protection systems, providing the maximum possible ballistic protection level (maximum 4 levels according to Stanag 456914.5 × 114 mm B32 from 200 m at 911 m / s.) And anti-mine using modern bottom construction the vehicle.

Number of seats:

Hipopotam design is characterized by versatility and the ability to quickly adapt the interior depending on the type of activity. Currently, the Hipopotam is adapted to the KTRI / Wheeled Transporter Transporter / 5 man crew (commander, driver-mechanic, two sapper scouts and scout-chemist).

Use of:

A range of military and civilian uses in the event of natural disasters.


A few selected chassis applications for purposes other than CKPTO:

  • When fitted to a cabin (armored minimum 1 level per Stanag 4569) for crew and frame under the container will be able to transport standard 20-foot containers that are used today in the Army, as mobile laboratories or mobile command posts,
  • By installing specialist support equipment (hoist, blade, towing device, lifting device, winch system) on the chassis, we receive a modular Technical Support Vehicle,
  • By installing heavy artillery weapons – we obtain, for example, Mobile Howitzer platform,
  • The vehicle is further adapted to integrate with the future systems and equipment such as inductive detectors, hydro-acoustic devices, etc.,
  • In addition to the heavy towing capabilities of the towing vehicle, the option of using the chassis as a heavy transport vehicle is increased.

Vehicle data:

  • TCD 2015 engine V08 DEUTZ 480 kW
  • Capacity 15874cm3
  • EURO standard 3
  • Automatic transmission ZF 7HP 902 7-speed
  • ZF VG2000 / 396 reducer
  • Independent suspension
  • Speed ​​up to 110km / h
  • Own weight 26 t.
  • Payload 3 t.
  • Swimming pool 29t.
  • DMC 32t.